It has been said that #Communication is the real work of #Leadership. When the world eventually emerges out of the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the features that will differentiate #leaders with impact, from the rest, will be how the post-Covid work-place changes are communicated to employees, suppliers and other key #stakeholders. The nature of work and work-spaces are changing. For any change to be sustainable, it needs buy in and support from the majority of key stakeholders. A smaller percentage may resist and forever yearn for how things used to be before Covid-19. This therefore suggests the need for a measure of #ChangeManagement process to take everyone along on the journey of navigating the work-place and business post-Covid 19. Taking it for granted that everyone will automatically understand, accept and adapt to the new ways will come back to bite your business in all sorts of unimagined manner. The #HumanCapital and #CorporateCommunication functions need to be proactive in developing the strategies and advise leaders to prioritise this critical aspect of the business. While this may not be so obvious to managers, leaders will instinctively realise the importance of aligning everyone around a common purpose and collectively pivoting the business to the new normal.