At VQ Communications, we partner with you in crafting, building and owning a narrative that creates value for your business or product, while strengthening your brand image and key relationships, through the following

▪ Digital Communications Solutions: In the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution and Artificial
Intelligence, VQ Communications makes use of digital platforms to connect you with existing
and new audiences. For us, “digital” refers to how we will apply contemporary data and
technology to messages intended for your target audiences, using the web, mobile, social
media and other non-analogue channels to connect and communicate.

▪ Content Development: Audiences forget facts but will always remember stories. We use
compelling narrative to elicit the desired emotion from your audience. We complement the
audience and the platform chosen with the right words and emotion to get results from your
Communication. Content provision covers the Website, Intranet, Blogs, Social Media
platforms, Newsletters and Marketing collateral.

▪ Corporate Social Investment Strategy & Profiling: From managing your Corporate Social
Investment programme to using its impacts on society to bolster and build trust around your
brand image, we leverage CSI interventions to strengthen your license to operate within your
key stakeholders groups. We can also design a brand new programme that complements your

▪ Communication Strategy Development & Implementation: We have the capacity to
develop the Strategy and Implementation plans from scratch or revise existing strategies to
align with the broader organizational strategy and your key performance indicators. Our
Strategy development methodology kicks off with a needs assessment to help identify
Communications requirements and priorities in line with overall organizational goals and
strategic objectives.