It is true that if you don’t tell your own story, someone else will. To help you craft, present and own the narrative, we use a range of Communication & Marketing interventions to tell your story and close any gaps that may exist with your target audiences. Our services include:



Strategic Communications

It is only when your Communication activities support your Vision and Strategy, does the function create value for your organisation. We will guide you in positioning your Communication as a Strategic Support Function to your Vision.


Public Relations

It is true that in the absence of facts, perceptions grow and become “fact”. We will work with you to develop an effective Public Relations Plan that will enhance your Brand and Reputation to the publics that matter to you the most.


Social Media

In the digital age, no brand can afford to be outside of the social media space if one is serious about brand visibility, as well as building and strengthening relationships with target audiences. Our solutions will present seamless continuity on your Story through the power of social networks.


Crisis Communication

Very few of us are ever fully prepared for a crisis. We will develop the Plan and walk you through its implementation when a crisis befalls you, because during such times you need support in protecting your Reputation.


Stakeholder Management

Investing in taking your stakeholders along and getting their buy in on your Vision and the Strategic goals of your organisation will yield the desired results where it matters. From developing a strategy to an engagement matrix, we will walk with you so that your stakeholders will speak for you in your absence.


Event Management

With every Event, we work with you to use the event platform in continuing to tell your Story.  From concept development to execution, we will deliver an event that speaks to your Strategic priorities.


Brand Management

Be it a product, a person or an organisation, the perceptions the public holds about you should reflect the Story you stand for in the hearts and minds of your target audiences. Let’s collaborate in building or strengthening your Brand story-line.


Media Relations

Beyond Public Relations, every organisation or product needs a working relationship with Media organisations. We have the capability and the capacity to manage and advise on the entire value chain of Media Relationship Management for you.

VQ Communications Agency is a 100% black woman owned and managed agency with experience built over 20 years in both public and private sector organisations.

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